I first saw and heard of Elvis in the early 60’s when my mother took me to the movies to see “Paradise Hawaiian Style”. I would spend days on end listening to the neighbours record player as we didn’t own one nor did we have any records in those days they were hard to obtain and also very expensive. I would sit on the step when the neighbours teenage son would play Elvis, Cliff Richard and alike. I just couldn’t get enough of that sound.“I was only 6 years old when I first heard him sing and from that moment on it became a life-time thing”.At thirteen I really started learning Elvis material hard, I knew every movie song and all of his early hits. I wanted to be just like him in every way. I got this massive urge to start singing Elvis’ Music, so I started singing to his records and just trying to adapt to his style of singing. Elvis is a very hard act to follow and no matter what no one wil ever sound like him as he was one of a kind and there was only ever one Elvis and he remains the KING. All I want to do is keep the memory alive and give my audience pleasure in remebering the KING. At the age of 17 in 1974 I was starting to perform at a few private parties which I thouroughly enjoyed.On August 16th 1977 I remember waking up at 7.00am when I heard the announcement on the news, “Ladies and Gentlemen The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll Elvis Presley Died in the Early Hours at the Hospital in Memphis Tennessee.”I was shocked and I think the rest of the world was in a similar way. That was possibly the saddest day of my life.I continued Elvis’ legacy and spread his word through his music, I continued doing a few gigs until the late 70’s when the disco era had really taken off.The Rock’N’Roll Elvis style was fading away. I didn’t want to sing anything else except for Elvis’ music so I decide to retire.I am a passionate “Elvis Tribute Artist” and not an impersonator, although I present in Elvis style costumes, I perform every show as a tribute out of respect, as there is only one KING and his name is Elvis Presley and there will never be another.
I got re-inspired in 2007 when my daughter got married, I wrote and sang her a song on her wedding day with the live band. There were a few teary eyes after the performance. I was starting to get the bug again. I love bringing joy to people and I am passionate about singing Elvis music.
Looking forward to bringing lots of joy to your next event.